Course Details:
Ingres Administration and Tuning

Location: On-site, Worldwide
Format: Lecture and Labs
Course Code: ISA

This 2-day course teaches Ingres installation, ongoing administration, configuration and tuning, and performance monitoring at the Ingres system level. (Programmers interested in monitoring and tuning at the query and application level should take the Advanced Ingres Programming class.) All Ingres host platforms are covered: Unix, Windows, and VMS.

This course is aimed at full or part-time Ingres administrators; Ingres DBA's who also manage an Ingres installation; and programmers who wish to understand the Ingres architecture in detail.


Some exposure to Ingres (knowledge of a Terminal Monitor at minimum), and familiarity with basic relational database concepts.


Day 1

Chapter 1: Installing Ingres

Introduction / Ingres information resources / Ingres disk usage / Ingres disk configurations / installing Ingres / startup and shutdown

Chapter 2: Ingres Maintenance Tasks

Ingres Visual Manager / error logs / Ingres locations / disk replacement quick-guide / useful environment variables / managing multiple servers

Chapter 3: Ingres architecture

Server side architecture / connections / logging subsystem / locking subsystem / server facilities / Life of a Query / server caches / threading models

Day 2

Chapter 4: Configuring Ingres

the Ingres configuration system / CBF / Visual Configurator / the rule system / modifying rules / a tour of the tuning parameters

Chapter 5: Monitoring Ingres: Tools

IPM / Visual DBA Monitor / lockstat / logstat / common problem indicators

Chapter 6: Monitoring Ingres: IMA

Ingres Management Architecture / useful imadb registrations / some examples / writing a monitor application