World-Class Expertise

KB Computer Associates has over 30 years' experience in systems and database management systems. Since 1997, the company has focused on providing IT consulting services with an emphasis on Ingres™ and the TelesisMFG ERP systems.

Led by Karl Schendel, a recognized guru of Ingres system applications, KB Computer Associates has provided consulting and training programs for clients around the globe: Verisign; Cave Shepherd and Vision Systems Software (Barbados); the Irish Revenue Commissioners; the Canadian National Archives; the International Telecommunications Union; and many others.

Mr. Schendel is also a frequent "Ingres World" presenter and former Vice President of Software Development at Telesis Computer Corp. (creators of the TelesisMFG ERP system). Mr. Schendel has been part of Ingres Development since 2003, and is currently leading the Ingres development team at Datallegro, Inc.