Course Details:
Introduction to Databases and Ingres

Location: On-site, Worldwide
Format: Lecture and Labs
Course Code: IDI

This one-day course is designed as an introduction to relational databases in general and Ingres in particular. The course is particularly appropriate for non-experts who plan to continue with the Intermediate SQL for Ingres course.

After introducing basic computer terminology, elementary DBMS and SQL programming concepts are explained. The basic mechanics of using Ingres graphical/visual and character based tools are taught and reinforced via short exercises. A database is supplied for use in lab exercises.

This course is aimed at non-experts, non-programmers or inexperienced programmers who have a need to use the Ingres DBMS. No prior computer knowledge or experience is assumed. If required, the course will start with a short introduction to the teaching environment (UNIX or Windows).


Day 1

Chapter 1: Introduction

Basic computer terms / introduction to the operating environment / instructor-led exercise

Chapter 2: Some Computer Concepts

Operating System vs Application / files / directories / users / names of things

Chapter 3: Relational Database Concepts

Databases / Database Management Systems / Relational DBMS / RDBMS terms / Ingres as a relational DBMS / the Ingres architecture

Chapter 4: Ingres Visual Tools

Visual DBA / using Visual DBA

Chapter 5: Data and How to Use It

Constraints and variables / data types / numbers, character strings and dates / operators and operator precedence / Boolean operators / functions

Chapter 6: Character-Based Tools

Forms and form elements / QBF, a character-based tool / basics of using QBF